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Clark Real Estate Consulting

The Clark Development team is comprised of a diverse team of experts able to assist you in addressing all of your real estate needs from start to finish or from "dirt to dollars."  Our experience ranges from working in conjunction with family farming operations to assisting landowners to correctly position their property for future development projects.  We place a strong emphasis on thorough planning and the evaluation of contrasting solutions from the very beginning.  We are sensitive to the financial and contractual commitments of property owners and strive to provide the most cost effective, value focused and profitable solutions in an efficient manner.

 Our Consulting Services Include:

  •    Land Planning
  •    Zoning and Land Use Changes and Amendments
  •    City Annexations
  •    Infrastructure Extension Planning
  •    Government Program Compliance
  •    Conservation Easements
  •    IRS Section 1031 Tax Free Exchanges
  •    Gifts of Real Estate

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